American Idol Judges Announced: Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler New American Idol Judges

american idol judges announced steven tyler jennifer lopez
American Idol judges were announced for the new season

Today, the new American Idol judges were announced live by Ryan Seacrest. Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler are the new American Idol judges, and besides the technical difficulties of the announcement, there are no real surprises here.

Both Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler have been rumored to be joining the judges’ panel for some time now. How will Steven and JLo hold up as judges? At this point, I’m wondering if paying famous faces to sound off on American Idol performances is really necessary anymore.

Honestly, what do the judges even do? Offer up some helpful criticism and the like, but ultimately, the viewing public will vote however they like.

Steven Tyler, celebrity dad and lead singer of Aerosmith, has a load of music experience to bring to the table, so at least we’ll have judge in the mix who knows their stuff.

That’s not to say that celeb mom Jennifer Lopez doesn’t know a thing or two about the business, it’s just, well… she’s JLo. Her musical abilities are about on par with Paula Abdul’s, but at least Paula brought her brand of crazy to the table.

While no details were given about Tyler’s salary, it’s been reported that Lopez will earn $12 million for the American Idol judging gig.

And then there’s Randy Jackson, who it’s nice to know still has a job on this show.

Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez are replacing American Idol judges Simon Cowell, Kara DioGuardi and Ellen DeGeneres.

What do you think of this lineup of American Idol judges? Will you still watch?