American Idol Judges Save Casey Abrams - Can He Make the Biggest Comeback EVER?

casey abrams
Casey Abrams Gets The Judges Save

O….M….G…. Casey Abrams got eliminated!

 How on earth could Casey Abrams be eliminated on American Idol?  Psych… the elimination didn’t last very long since the judges didn’t even let Casey finish his “save me” song and unanimously saved him.

Can Casey Abrams make the biggest American Idol comeback EVER?

After being eliminated at number eleven, this is the earliest that the judges have stepped in to save any contestant.  The scare may be just enough for Casey to put aside his inner Vegas performer and get back to his quirky musician roots. 

The judges save has been used twice before in Idol history.  Last year Simon and company stepped in to save “Big Mike” Lynch when he was eliminated at number nine.  He would go on to finish fourth for the entire season.    In season 8, the judges saved Matt Giraud in week seven.  He went on to last two more weeks and was eliminated in week five. 

If Casey somehow manages to pull his act together, he just may be able to pull of the biggest American Idol comeback EVER!

What do you think of the judges decision to save Casey Abrams?

Photo: Fox