American Idol Lauren Alaina: Could Lauren Alaina Win Idol 2011?

lauren alaina american idol nashville audition
Could Laruen Alaina be the next American Idol?

American Idol wannabe Lauren Alaina gave a pretty solid audition during the Nashville episode (watch Lauren Alaina’s American Idol audition video), but could Alaina win American Idol?

If the hype is to be believed, Lauren Alaina could be the very most talented contestant on American Idol 2011.

But let’s not forget that the competition is just getting started we haven’t seen all of the American Idol audition city coverage, nor do we know what goes down during Hollywood week.

If I were to bet though, I’d say that Lauren Alaina will definitely cruise through to the American Idol finals.

Will Lauren Alaina win American Idol? That’s for the Idol voters to decide, naturally, but I’m predicting she’ll land in top 5 territory, anyway.