American Idol 2011 New Judges Steven Tyler Jennifer Lopez: How Did They Do?

new american idol judges steven tyler jennifer lopez
How Did New American Idol Judges Steven Tyler & Jennifer Lopez Do?

American Idol 2011 kicked off tonight, and viewers couldn’t wait to check out the new judges. Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez have replaced Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson is the only judge there from past seasons. What did you think of the new American Idol judges 2011? How did they do?

I actually thought that new American Idol judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler fit into the show quite nicely. Steven Tyler seems to have a good wit about him…even asking one contestant, “did you eat a lot of paint chips as a kid?” That sort of sounds like a Simon Cowell statement to me.

Jennifer Lopez was honest, while remaining sweet, even getting up to hug one poor, crying contestant.

It honestly seems like Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez have always been a part of American Idol. What do you think?