American Idol or Live to Dance: Which Paula Abdul Show to Watch?

American Idol 10
American Idol and Live to Dance compete for the same timeslot

American Idol is back for Season 10! It premieres tonight on FOX at 8pm ET…the same time as Live to Dance.

It’s Paula Abdul’s old show versus her new show! Which one should you watch?

Tonight is the season premiere of American Idol and we’re all curious as to how the new judges will do.  Most people either love the audition shows or hate them and wish for the real competition to start, but it’s tempting to get a first look at the new judges, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.

Don’t forget no Simon Cowell! Will American Idol be as entertaining to watch without him?

Plus, there’s the chance that we could see another contestant like William Hung and you won’t want to miss out on that. Though, if there is, you’ll be able to watch it on youtube over and over again anyway.

But, tonight’s episode of “Live to Dance” is just another semi-final round: 6 acts perform, judges put one through and America votes for the other.  While I really do like Live to Dance, American Idol promises more excitement tonight.

Which will you be watching?