American Idol Results Show - Who Is Jennifer Lopez's Friend Pitbull?

jennifer lopez pitbull
Jennifer Lopez Friend Pitbull

Who is the relatively random dude that American Idol called out in the audience tonight as a “friend” of Jennifer Lopez?  Why that’s Pitbull of course!  Who is Pitbull?  He’s the dude featured in Jennifer’s new video for On The Floor!

Watch the video for On The Floor below….

The entire random moment was an American Idol-eque perfectly coordinated marketing effort for her video that was debutted on the show a few weeks ago.  (If you’re looking for info on Pitbull it worked wonderfully!)

Pitbull is a really Armando Christina Perez.  He got his start back in 2002 working with Lil Jon (currently appearing on Celebrity Apprentice) on The Kings of Krunk album.  In addition to rapping, he started the Bad Boy Latino lable with Sean “P Diddy” Combs.