American Idol - Steven Tyler or Jennifer Lopez - Who Is the Prettiest Judge?

american idol
American Idol 2011 Judges

There were a few questions hanging in the air following last night’s episode of American Idol.  What was up with the strange apology at the start of the show?  What did Steven Tyler do that required an apology?  Which judge is prettier this season –  Jennifer Lopez or Steven Tyler?

Never in my life had I considered Steven Tyler to be a pretty man.  He’s always had that odd rocker dude “I’m sexy enough to wear leather pants” appeal, but pretty he was not.  That was until he took up his seat next to J Lo.  Is it that her overwhelming prettiness is rubbing off on him?  Did he have some ‘work’ done to look a wee bit younger next to Ms. Lopez and Randy Jackson?  Whatever it is that happened Steven Tyler is looking fresh and pretty these days!

Which American Idol judge is prettiest Jennifer Lopez or Steven Tyler?

Photo: Fox