American Music Awards 2010 - Miley Cyrus Is (Almost) All Grown Up!


american music awards 2010Miley Cyrus is all grown up and she wants the world to know it!  The teen star is ready to prove that she’s an adult by signing a grown-up version of Forgiveness and Love at tonight’s American Music Awards 2010.  The awards show airs just two days before Miley’s 18th birthday and is being hyped as a more adult version of the Disney star. 

Hear a sneak peak of the song below.


The American Music Awards 2010 performance reflects many of the grown-up issues Miley Cyrus has been facing in her off-stage life this year which includes the divorce of her parents Billy Ray and Trish Cyrus.   

Recently, Cyrus has been busy trying to navigate the path between Disney teen star and the adult world with her recent Who Owns My Heart Video that featured a scantily clad Miley getting ready to head out for a night at the club.   The video received some major backlash for parents who were uncomfortable with the teenage Cyrus’ overly adult message. 

Will Miley Cyrus’ American Music Awards 2010 performance show off her grown up side or her Hannah Montana roots?

Photo: PR Photos