America's Cheapest Family: Free Shopping List, How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half (Video)

americas cheapest family today show grocery bill
America's Cheapest Family: Learn how to cut your grocery bill

America’s Cheapest Family shares how to cut your grocery bill in half, including the use of a free shopping list, in this Today show video clip.

The Economides family, dubbed “America’s Cheapest Family,” are experts when it comes to being thrifty, and their new book will help other families save money too.

Get America’s Cheapest Family’s free grocery shopping list!

America’s Cheapest Family are proof that living on a budget is do-able the family of seven live on $44,000, own their own home, paid cash for their cars and have no debt.

Plus, the Economides family is able to save money on groceries, but still put healthy meals on the table, so they don’t sacrifice nutrition to save a few bucks.

America’s Cheapest Family shares some of their tips to save money, including searching for bargains, cutting coupons, planning meals and avoiding impulse purchases. They are able to feed their family for just $350 a month.

The Economides’ new book “Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half — With America’s Cheapest Family,” is available now.

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