America's Got Talent Finals: Will Singer Jackie Evancho Win?

jackie evancho
Jackie Evancho: Will she win "America's Got Talent?"

The “America’s Got Talent” finals just finished, and I think I can tell you who’s not going to win: Fighting Gravity. They had an underwhelming performance after so many fun and exciting ones when the light shined right through that door at the end. So that leaves us with: Jackie Evancho, the 10-year-old opera singer whose voice didn’t waver this week; Prince Poppycock, the eccentric songster who looked more like a princess last night; and singer Michael Grimm, who was really lovely but generic.

My money’s still on Jackie. She’s a once-in-a-generation talent, and no, I don’t buy the whole “she’s lip synching” thing. The judges went gaga (like crazy; not like meat dress) over her performance once again, and Jackie seems to have a lot of fan support despite all the backlash. I’m amazed at how poised she continues to be despite all the pressure.

As we saw last week with the 12-year-old dancers, one of whom fell (I just wanted to give the poor girl a hug you could tell she felt awful), it’s very easy to make a mistake in a live performance, and especially for a kid! I’m trying to imagine my son out there, and I just can’t. Makes me too nervous. (And plus he’s 5, so his act would probably consist of burping or singing an adorable but off-tune version of “Bad Romance.”)

So who do you think will win? As of now, the NBC site is so bogged down I can’t get the video of tonight’s performances, but I’ll try to update later.