America's Got Talent Watch OUT! Jessica Alba's Daughter Honor Warren Has Got The Moves Like Jagger! (Photos)

Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba

America’s got talent watch OUT! Jessica Alba’s daughter Honor Warren has got the moves like Jagger! Jessica Albas was out with Honor and and Haven taken Honor to her weekly gymnastics class.

How adorable is Honor!

Oh MY GOSH! I can hear the moment now, Mommy watch! I’ve got the moves like Jagger, I’ve got the moves like Jagger, I’ve got the mooooooooves like Jagger. I know it that well because I hear it all day long and before they go to sleep.

It is really cute to hear your kids sing modern day songs. I am sure that Honor is full of music and arts and entertainment coming from a family like Jessica and Cash Warren.

It is fun to watch her grow up! OH and how cute!

Check out the photos!

  • Jessica Alba 1 of 10
    Jessica Alba
    Jessica Alba takes her daughters, Honor and Haven, to gymnastics class in Los Angeles.
  • Cheeks! 2 of 10
    OMG!!!! Haven has the cutest cheeks!!!
  • Shoes! 3 of 10
    Love Jessica's boots!!! Adorable!!
  • Here We GO! 4 of 10
    Here We GO!
    Are you ready? Oh K!
  • This Way! 5 of 10
    This Way!
    I've got the moves like jagger! I've got the moves like Jagger!
  • Tada!!!! 6 of 10
    OK, my work is done!!!
  • Check! 7 of 10
    Baby Check! Water Check! Paper Check!
  • Jeans! 8 of 10
    Those are some skinny jeans on Jessica, really skinny jeans!
  • Hello! 9 of 10
    Looks like Haven see's the camer and is looking right at you!
  • Super Mom! 10 of 10
    Super Mom!
    Really, I think it is great to see Jessica taking the kids out on her own to their classes. She is busy and really finds the time!

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )
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