America's Got Talent Winner: Prince Poppycock was Robbed!

americas got talent winner prince poppycock robbed
Was Prince Poppycock robbed of America's Got Talent win?

The America’s Got Talent winner was crowned… and Prince Poppycock was robbed!

Honestly, I didn’t expect Michael Grimm to be the America’s Got Talent winner, but I really didn’t think Prince Poppycock would land in 4th place.

Fourth place? Really?

The America’s Got Talent winner, Michael Grimm, certainly has earned his spot in the Vegas spotlight (and the $1 million), but Prince Poppycock had a Vegas ready show and judging from his legion of fans, that show would be sold out every night.

Still, the nation’s masses have voted and it seems they like their America’s Got Talent winners with a tale of overcoming the odds, rather than just a crazy flamboyantly fabulous performer.

Did Piers buzzing Prince Poppycock during his final performance ultimately lead to his demise… or was Piers right that America liked the fun-loving Poppycock more than the serious performance he turned in?

Do you think Prince Poppycock was robbed?