America's Got Talent Winner: Why It Wasn't Jackie Evancho

Jackie evancho
America's Got Talent winner: Why wasn't it Jackie Evancho?

When the “America’s Got Talent” winner was announced, Michael Grimm looked like he’d just been told the most surprising news of his life and he was. Heavily favored 10-year-old opera singer Jackie Evancho finished second to the “Let’s Stay Together” crooner, and no one looked more shocked than him.

My jaw dropped, too, until I realized that there are five very good reasons why this super-talented singer did not win, starting with this: many parents probably didn’t vote for her on priciple. I would not want my son or daughter to win a gig in Vegas at that age.

Here’s four other reasons Jackie lost:

1. Michael Grimm is older. Jackie will have her chances, she’s only 10; people figured Michael had paid his dues and this was his only big shot, and he deserves it.

2. The whole lip-synching controversy. It was all over the web the last month, and it undoubtedly cost her votes. For the record people: She’s not.

3. People don’t really like watching kids on reality shows. There’s a reason why “American Idol Jr.” and “Kid Nation” were canceled after one season: It’s weird to watch kids in uncomfortable situations on TV.

4. Jackie probably split the vote with Prince Poppycock. Both were opera singers, and really, how many opera fans are out there?