America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 Winner : Deserved?

Ann Ward America's Next Top Model
Ann Ward America's Next Top Model

Who won America’s Next Top Model? The winner was was crowned tonight on the CW. It all came down to Ann and Chelsey.

I admit that I watched with fingers crossed, hoping that Ann would win.

Why did Ann deserve the win?

1. She had the most top photo wins in a row of any contestant. Ever. Really, she could have just kept going, but I think the judges had to make it interesting so they just gave it to the other girls after a while.

2. A humble personality. Completely like-able.

3. Stunning. It’s amazing how she transformed in her photos. Her look is definitely a fit for Vogue Italia.

4. Her personality finally shone through in the commercial in the finale. Laughing, smiling, she could be a Cover Girl.

5. Who doesn’t love an ugly duckling transforming into a swan story? It goes to show that those who are viewed as awkward can turn out to be gorgeous.

Do you think Ann deserved to win?