America's Next Top Model Winner Ann Ward Doesn't Care What You Think of Her Weight!


ann wardAmerica’s Next Top Model winner Ann Ward has caused quite the controversy regarding her ultra-thin waist and less than healthy weight.  She just doesn’t care what people think about her physique!

Rather than set a positive example to girls by having a healthy weight, the super skinny teen just wants everyone to stop picking on her.

See the promo that started the controversy and read what Ann Ward has to say about her weight…

The 6’2″ model has been experiencing an Internet backlash over her incredibly small waist after a promo showed runway coach Miss J fitting his hands round her slender middle.  Rather than focus on the issue at hand, the America’s Next Top Model winner is seeking to turn the topic around to focus on bullying.

“I would tell all the young girls that are being bullied not to pay attention to the bullies, because they’re just doing it because they’re insecure about themselves,” she says of the focus on her body.  “It’s not really something to worry about because we’re all different in different ways. I was super, super tall and it was something that made me unique and it got me further into the competition, so just be proud of how you’re unique.”

Do you think Ann Ward has a healthy view of her weight?