Amy Adams Still on Bump Watch


A very, very pregnant Amy Adams was spotted heading to the doctor’s office in California yesterday. That’s got to be her husband she’s talking to on her cell phone. I’ll bet the call went something like this:

“If the doctor checks me and I’m still not dilated, I’m going to kill someone…I don’t care if my due date is still a week away. If the doctor won’t agree to induce me today I am going to go $%#@# crazy….Seriously, I will figure out a way to get this baby out myself…What? Calm down? Oh, I have an idea—why don’t you get pregnant next time, carry the baby around in the sweltering heat for nine months and then you can talk to me about calming down…”

Not that I’ve ever thrown an tantrum in the last week or so of pregnancy. I’ve always spent those last few days just basking in the glory of my condition. But I hear some women are a little less patient than I am. And it is starting to seem as if Amy Adams has been pregnant forever.

We’re pulling for you, Amy. It’s been a slow around here lately, celebrity baby birth-wise. The sooner you can have this kid, the better for all of us.