Amy Grant and Vince Gill Talk Family With Good Housekeeping


good_housekkeping-150Cutest country music couple in the world, Amy Grant and Vince Gill, appear on the February issue of Good Housekeeping magazine and talk about their successfully blended family and the bumps along the way.  They both came into the marriage with children, Amy with three and Vince with one.  So what’s the glue that holds their family together?

They credit the daughter they had together, Corinna, 8, with providing a sense of contiuity to their entire clan.  On divorcing and starting anew when you have kids, Amy says:

“It was a long haul to feel like a family again. The parents have made a choice, but none of the kids have made the choice. And wherever it’s going to wind up, you’re not going to get there quickly. You just have to give people their space.”

Read more of a preview of the interview here.

Photo: Good Housekeeping