Amy Poehler and Rob Lowe Film a Carnival Scene of “Parks and Recreation” (Photos)


It’s the Founder’s Day Carnival in Pawnee, Indiana!

What – you didn’t get the invite? Neither did I – but it sure looks like a fun place to be, especially with VIPs like this making an appearance.

Amy Poehler and Rob Lowe were photographed filming an episode of their acclaimed NBC comedy, Parks & Recreation. As local government employees Leslie Knope and Chris Traeger, the two of them make small-town life a lot more livelier.

Archie and Abel, Amy’s sons with ex-husband Will Arnett, are a little too young to appreciate their mom’s show, but thanks to the magic of DVD, Netflix and Hulu, they’ll find out one day just how brilliant a comic she is.

Cameras caught them walking about the L.A. set, which was decked out to re-create the feel of a local carnival – complete with lemonade and hot dog carts. Rob carried an ear of corn on a stick during their scene, but never bit into it; would that pose too many continuity problems? Or would it have been too gross for him to shoot a scene with bits of corn kernel stuck between his teeth?

Also joining the scene: Adam Scott, who costars as Ben Wyatt, Leslie’s former coworker and new husband. The paps caught them talking and even linking arms.

Check out our gallery and let us know: What do you think lies in store for Leslie and her friends?

  • A ring on it 1 of 6
    A ring on it
    No raised eyebrows, please. Amy is still divorced from Will Arnett - her wedding ring is a prop. Her "Parks and Recreation" character, Leslie Knope, recently got married.
  • Awesome costars 2 of 6
    Awesome costars
    Amy and Rob filmed a scene today, with an L.A. set standing in for their characters' home of Pawnee, Indiana.
  • Look over there! 3 of 6
    Look over there!
    Rob points out something of great interest.
  • The funny lady laughs 4 of 6
    The funny lady laughs
    A character chuckle, or Amy's unscripted reaction to something off-screen? We'll have to watch the episode to find out.
  • Newlyweds 5 of 6
    Amy and Adam Scott play colleagues-turned-spouses Leslie and Ben.
  • Corny joke 6 of 6
    Corny joke Rob ever going to eat that corn on the cob?

[Photos: via PacificCoastNews]

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