Amy Poehler Is A Breezy Mama


amy-poehler-parks-and-recreation-baby-archie-will-arnettAmy Poehler is a funny lady both on and off screen. I’ve recently started watching “Parks and Recreation” and love her character and the show in general. Since she’s the producer I like to think she has a hand in that.

Breezy Mama was able to sit her down for a few minutes to chat about “Parks and Recreation” and life with Will and Archie.
I, for one, can’t believe that Archie is already a year old.

Here are a couple of the questions they asked her:

How’s your baby?
Good. Thanks…. [Deadpans] But don’t refer to my husband as a baby.

Since he’s the son of two comedians, do you think [your one year old] will be funny?
[Deadpans] He’s just a big fan of French New Wave. He’s a boring intellectual.

I love the deadpan answers. Too funny!

Click here to check out the rest of the interview.


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