Amy Poehler Looks Frickin' Adorable at Five Year Engagement Premiere

Amy Poehler Perfection

I love me some Amy Poehler, the Parks and Recs actress isn’t just hilarious but she seems to have found some great balance with her work/home life. But her fashion, there have been a few misses – case in point – she wears Birkenstocks. But this does not, and I repeat change how awesome she is. But at the New York  premiere of the new Jason Segal/ Emily Blunt romantic comedy The Five Year Engagement Amy made all the right choices (leaving the hippy sandals at home) and she looked frickin’ adorable!

She wore a white lace shirt that gave the illusion of sheerness without look slutty, a pair of black slacks, a bright red nail and a woven animal print handbag. Yeah, she looked fab. Check out her whole outfit right here:

Amy Poehler and Aubrey Plaza