Amy Poehler on Parenting Young Kids: "It Gets Worse," "You'll Sleep When You're Dead" (Video)

Amy Poehler Parks and Recreation parenting
Amy Poehler offers up her parenting advice

Amy Poehler shares her views on parenting two young kids, and… it’s bleak, y’all.

In this E! Online interview about Parks and Recreation, E!’s Kristin dos Santos asks Amy Poehler how much sleep she and husband Will Arnett are getting with two boys, 22 months apart.

Watch from around 4:10 in the video to see Amy’s take on having two young kids.

“What can you tell me about your sleep status? Please give me some hope,” Dos Santos, who had her second baby earlier this year, asks.

Poehler deadpans, “It gets worse. It only gets worse.”

Amy adds, “It’s the opposite of that great campaign… ‘It gets better.’ ”

Poehler said she wants to do her own campaign about parenting with young kids called “It Gets Worse… ’cause what I thought I was dealing with at two and a half and six months is nothing compared to what I’m dealing with at 3 and 1.”

Poehler adds what her nana used to say: “You’ll sleep when you’re dead.”

Who can relate?

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