Amy Ryan is Choosier Post-Motherhood


Academy Award-nominated actress Amy Ryan says she is much more discriminating about what roles she’ll accept now that she’s a mother.

“If it’s not good enough, I’m not going to leave home,” says Ryan who portrayed a drug-addicted mom in Gone, Baby Gone and whose daughter in real life, Georgia Gracie, is now five months old.

She also claims that now that she’s a mother, she’s more careful about her own safety.

“I don’t jaywalk anymore. It’s true. I feel this part of me thinking, ‘What kind of New Yorker are you waiting for the light to change?’ But it’s true. I wait for the light to change. Even when I’m not with her. I’m like, ‘She needs me. I can’t get hit by a car.'”

And how does she balance it all?

“It’s just about becoming really efficient with your time and just writing things down.”



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