Amy Winehouse Leaves Behind a Beloved Goddaughter: Who Is Dionne Blomfield? (Photos)

Amy Winehouse with her Goddaughter

Amy Winehouse (thankfully) didn’t have any children of her own. But there was one young one that was very near and dear to her, her goddaughter Dionne Bromfield.

Amy Winehouse not only encouraged her goddaughter in her own musical career but had been seen out and about with her, even picking her up from school.They were like family.

Amy Winehouse’s final appearance was just three days before her untimely demise, and she danced and sang alongside Dionne at a show she did in London.

So who is Dionne Blomfield?

Amy Winehouse was “an ‘old family friend’ of Bromfield’s mother, Julie Winehouse’s father comes from Kent, which is where Bromfield grew up (and still lives). ”

Dionne is 15 now and was the first artist to sign to Amy Winehouse’s record label called Lioness Records and her debut album was called Introducing Dionne Bromfield and was released in October in 2009 with the first single called “Mama Said.”

Of Dionne Amy Winehouse said, “‘… when I say Dionne’s like my sister, a lot of the time she’s like my older sister. I’m just so proud of her.’

The two were so close that when Amy tried to get her life together and go to a two-month detox in the Caribbean, it was reportedly done for Dionne.  Dionne stated in an interview that “She always says, ‘I’m doing this for you Dionne, and your career’.”Adding,  “Amy’s made a brilliant effort and she looks amazing now. She did it for herself, for me, for her family and for her fans.”  To bad it wasn’t a deal she could keep. So sad.

Also – check out this last appearance of Amy with her goddaughter below as well as photos.

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    Dionne Bromfield
  • Amy Winehouse and goddaughter 2 of 5
    Amy Winehouse and goddaughter
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    Dionne Bromfield
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    Amy Winehouse and goddaughter
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    Dionne Bromfield


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