An All New Digg - What You Need to Know!


Are you a digger? Have you ‘dugg’, determined and deemed links worthy to get the coveted digg up arrow? If you are an die-hard Digg user then you know all about this popular social link sharing sight.  But the rest of us, we’ll need a little 411 on the new changes and redesign of the popular go-to spot for popular net news and tidbits. Here’s what you need to know.

• When the site originally launched they had a “meteoric rise,”  but that soon tapered off over the last couple years. They wisely  decided to do a big redesign – Digg v4- which went live on Wednesday.

• This social link sharing site is increasing their ‘social’ focus. When you sign in you’ll have the option of following other users like you would on Facebook, Twitter or StumbleUpon. The suggestions of who to follow are culled from your other social media accounts as well as your Google accounts.

• On big change is that the main stories you’ll seeing streaming into your window will be links that were Dugg-ed by one of you pals or a sponsored Digg link. But you can also access what is going around across the whole Digg world by clicking on the Top News section.

• Did you find some killer link you want to share with the world? Well, it got a lot easier with Digg. You can now put in a link just as you would on something like Facebook. Easy and less steps as before.

• Digg is nicely divided up by different topics such as Sports, Tech, World News and of course our favorite…Entertainment. Plus they have a section called My News where you can customize a section of news from your favorite info providers.

Check out the new Digg right here.

Do you think you’ll add this to your must visit sites?

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