An Open Letter To Beyonce From One Of Those "Mitches"

Jay-Z and Beyonce

Dear Beyonce,

Now that the Presidential election is over, I’m sure there are plenty of people out there – regardless of your political views – that are sighing a relief that we don’t have to read all that banter on our Facebook and Twitter feeds about how this candicate is better than the other candidate and so forth. More than often supporters get into heated debates about which direction we should take our country and sometimes we get a little over emotional and fired-up over people’s opposing views. I understand, it happens.

As a mother, who all too often has seen the “mommy wars” get ugly (“She doesn’t breastfeed!” “Their nanny doesn’t speak French!” “She fed her kid – GASP – non-organic cookies!”) I didn’t want to get into a political brawl with my peers on Facebook because quite simply, it’s not worth it. I’m old enough to realize now that we live in a great country where everyone is entitled to their political beliefs and no one gets persecuted for it. Insulted, yes, but not persecuted.

Bey, I like your music. But politics and entertainment don’t always mix. It’s a rather unhealthy marriage that crosses into the  “don’t go there” territory. I mean, it’s nice that President Obama listens to Jay-Z on his iPod and you have become fast friends with the First Lady. You get invited to the White House, Jay gets to campaign with the leader of the free world and who knows, Malia and Sasha probably babysit Blue Ivy on the occasional night, but your message to those who don’t agree with your beliefs was, to put it lightly, a little disappointing. (And for those who haven’t seen it, you can check it out here.) And I’m not just talking about the paper you used, but also using a play on a derogative word about women… was that necessary?

You’ve since taken the note down from your Tumblr, but as I’m sure you already know Bey, the internet can be a very unforgiving place. As mothers, we should stick together, and as Americans and citizens of this incredibly country, we should stick even closer. Rather than gloating about your win and spacing out the divide between us even more, how about we do something more worthwhile to guarantee that the next four years are going to be our best ones yet? I hear that some beaches in Rockaway, New York need some major help with their clean-up.


A Mommy Blogger