An Open Letter To Tracy Anderson From A FFPP (Formerly Fat Pregnant Person)

Tracy Anderson

Celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson, who is best known by association in Hollywood (with some of her big name clients including Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, and Nicole Richie), just had a baby six weeks ago. And like many celebrities in the entertainment world, Tracy was able to quickly shed the healthy 30 pounds she gained while she was carrying her daughter, Penelope. But, unlike many other celebrity moms, Tracy was recently quoted taking normal, everyday, non-celeb moms to task for their eating habits and exercise regime during pregnancy. Here’s what she said:

Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson has been credited for sculpting the bodies of Hollywood’s top stars and transforming them into “momshells,” and now the fitness guru is revealing her own rapid baby weight loss while criticizing women who take longer to lose the weight.

“A lot of women use pregnancy as an excuse to let their bodies go, and that’s the worst thing,” Anderson told DuJour magazine in their September issue, while revealing how she lost the weight within six weeks after having daughter, Penelope, in May.

“I’ve seen so many women who come to me right after (having children) with disaster bodies that have gone through hell, or they come to me years later and say, ‘Oh, my body is like this because I had three kids.'”

To some extent, I agree with Tracy. Being a FFPP (formerly fat pregnant person) myself and having gained a whopping 60 pounds during my first pregnancy, I now regret going that far in my weight gain and not controlling myself a little bit better during Halloween and the holidays before I gave birth. I didn’t look good, I didn’t feel good, and I had one hellish year trying to fight to lose every lost pound until I finally could fit back into my super-tight size 6 Express jeans.

And while I believe that Tracy does have a point, being a celebrity fitness trainer and living in “that world,” I don’t think she fully understands the life of a normal non-celebrity mother. As much as I would like to escape to my Yoga class for two hours a day, I can’t. As much as I would love to join my local Cross Fit gym, the membership is a little too steep for me. And when I do finish a great work out or accomplish a fitness goal, I don’t go off and buy myself a new Tory Burch bag because well, the new school year is right around the corner and have you seen how much Gymnastics classes for kids cost these days? While Tracy and her counterparts might be able to afford the time and luxury to do all of those things, I can’t.

Forgive me Tracy, but I’m not you. And you’re not me. I don’t have full-time nannies to help take care of my children while I go off on a 6-mile run and I didn’t have the luxury of waking up at 5:00 AM this morning to hit the gym as one of my kids was running a low-grade fever the night before. I had to spend half the night sleeping in her Princess Merida (cramped) bed with her. While I do try to watch what I eat (most of the time) and exercise moderately (not everyday), I quite like the way I look and accept my body the way it is, and I’m sure there are millions of mothers who would feel the same way.

I’m no longer an FFFP, but I am a SAHM (stay-at-home mom). A SAHM who happens to quite like her acquired tiger stripes.

But just to return to Tracy’s original comments for a minute, she does have a legitimate point that as mothers, we should do a better job of taking care of ourselves and that, some times, our excuses of having no time or taking care of three children are invalid. I get what she says. Jennifer Garner once said that in order to teach her daughters how to take care of their bodies, she needs to show by example and take care of hers. Perhaps rather than calling us out for our post-pregnancy jelly bellies, it would be a great idea if Tracy could help design mom-friendly work-out routines or perhaps do a cross-country tour and help introduce new moms to one of her boot camps. You already have your Mom Club membership Trace, and a better way of making friends with us (and we’re a powerful group, mind you) is that if you take the Mom Pledge and work with us rather than against us. Some of us out there could use your help.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago
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