And The Next Bachelor Is...


…aww! Cmon, you didn’t think we’d tell you, did you?

There is one person who has an opinion on it though: The Bachelor/Bachelorette host, Chris Harrison. When asked who he thought the next Bachelor should be, he was quite opinionated. And after all, shouldn’t he be? He’s been hosting the show for years and obviously has a leg up on the type of people who would make the best candidates for the show.

So who was his pick? Find out after the jump!

Chris was quoted as saying, “Chris [Lambton], for sure. I was just in Las Vegas. I have had so many opinions given to me the past few days. Kirk is apparently a very popular choice, Craig R. and another name that has been thrown out a lot is Jesse [from ‘Bachelor Pad’], who is considered very hot.”

Hmmm….very interesting. Personally, we think Craig R. is kind of a bully (although the Bachelor Pad is slowly changing our minds!) and we do agree that Jesse is quite the looker. Who would you choose as the next Bachelor of those three: Jesse, Kirk, or the favorite, Chris?

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