Anderson Cooper Attacked: His Twitter Update! How Is He Doing?


Anderson Cooper

It’s been a rough day for Anderson Cooper. Not only is he far from home, working without much rest but then he got attacked by an angry mob in Cairo, Egypt. Before the attack happened, Anderson Cooper was fighting exhaustion tweeting for advice on “any tips for staying awake for 4th day in a row?”

So how is Anderson Cooper doing after being physically assaulted by the crowd? He tweeted:

“Got roughed up by thugs in pro-mubarak crowd..punched and kicked repeatedly. Had to escape. Safe now”

But it sounds like he is a-okay saying, “Thanks for tweets of concern..I’m sore and head hurts but fine. Neil and mary anne are bruised but ok too. Thanks”

What’s he doing right now besides checking out messages from well wishes and keeping a finger on the pulse of the chaos? He is “Covering ongoing #egypt violence, and editing video Neil and I shot of the attack on us. #ac360 10p”

Glad to hear he’s safe, and like the pro he is, he’s staying put and continues to work.

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