Anderson Cooper To Adopt?

He's Thinking About It

Is Anderson Cooper going to adopt a child from Haiti? The Enquirer seems to think so.

They are running an article this month with the title “Anderson Cooper Set To Adopt Haitian Baby.” The article claims that he was so touched by all that he saw that he plans on adopting one of the children.
If this is true than it’s fantastic. It was obvious that he was touched, because he put himself in danger to help a kid in danger.

It’s all so tragic. If something good can come form this whole situation then let it happen.

The article goes on to say that if he does adopt then he, though he values his career, wouldn’t be the first one to jump on the plane every time.

The article also outs Anderson. It claims he is going to adopt with his boyfriend Ben Maisani.


I think that any kid would be lucky to live with parents that love them. That’s what classifies us as parents, right?

What do you make of this story? Is it fact or fiction? Do you hope it’s true?

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