Anderson Cooper Trapped In Egypt

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Anderson Cooper Is Trapped In Egypt.

Earlier today, it was reported that Anderson Cooper and his crew were attacked by a group of Mubarak supporters while covering the riots in Egypt! Luckily, he and his crew are safe at the moment, but they are afraid to give up their location as they may be hunted and forced to stay silent!

Anderson told sources, “Where we are is rather precarious right now. I’m in an area where I can see what’s happening in the square. But I honestly don’t know when I can leave this building. I have no idea what’s going to happen in the next couple of hours…We didn’t want to start to run because we didn’t want to embolden the crowd. So we just walked determinedly. But we had about a five minute walk to get to the location where we thought we would be safe. And we were surrounded the entire time. Occasionally someone would run up and throw a punch. I pushed back every now and then. But we were advised to just keep walking and not engage. Which was wise advice.”

According to CNN, there are approximately 35 staffers including eight correspondents in Egypt right now. The network has a security team in place in Cairo that can assist with safe passage in and out of the dangerous areas. Tony Maddox, executive VP of CNN International announced that Anderson does have a security advisor with him and that more will be made available to him soon.

I hope that this chaos ends very soon and Anderson and his crew return home safely.