Andrea Roth of Rescue Me is Expecting


0000034947_20061021041658-1Andrea Roth of Rescue Me is knocked up! And no, co-star Denis Leahy had nothing to do with it. The proud papa to be is her fiancé, producer Todd Biermann. She’s currently 26 weeks pregnant and it’s been a smooth ride so far, expect for… that bout of swine flu she had to battle.

Andrea is due in mid-April but the show shoots until Ma,  so having her able to appear in the final episodes will be a challenge to say the least. She’ll be a bit busy having a baby.  This means that it might be life or death for her character Janet.  “They don’t hold anything sacred,” she says of the show’s writing staff. “Any character is in peril of going if it would make for a good story line.”

So far she’s not sure in the coming months if her pregnancy will be written into the show. But she does want to make sure she is safe, sound and is keeping an eye out for “potentially hazardous plot scenarios”.  “I might have to say, ‘Sorry, but my doctor says I’m not supposed to get in any cars…or planes…or be near any knives….”