Andy Reid's Sons: Have They Left Their Troubles Behind?

andy reid sons
Andy Reid's sons: How are they doing?

Last night the Philadelphia Eagles shellacked the Washington Redskins, and it seemed all was well for coach Andy Reid on the field. But what about off the field, where Andy Reid’s sons have faced serious troubles over the past few years? Well, his life there is looking up, too.

Over the summer, Reid said that his boys were doing much better after both serving stints in prison and getting involved with drugs. Garrett has graduated from a halfway house program after working for a body shop. He’s readying to go back to school. And Britt, who was released a few years ago, is a Temple student and a graduate assistant with the football team.

This came after a judge called out Reid and wife Tammy, saying they were a “family in crisis.” It’s nice to see that the crisis has seemingly passed even though I am a Redskins fan.


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