Angela Kinsey Thinks 'The Office' Needs More Breastfeeding Jokes


angela_kinsey_isabel-rubyThe Office is one of the funniest and longest-running sitcoms on TV, so it seems pretty obvious that the writers know what the heck they’re doing. Still, it doesn’t hurt to listen to the acting talent for suggestions every once in a while.

Some of them, like new mom Angela Kinsey, might actually have some hilarious ideas — like how to insert more breastfeeding jokes into Thursday’s episode, in which Jim and Pam prepare for their baby!

In a recent interview with the Toronto Star, Angela revealed that she’d drawn on her personal life to come up with a few zingers. Then she went ahead and offered up a few freebies to the show’s writers:

“I … tried to pitch them some breastfeeding jokes.

“Not to over-share, but I had to pump,” she explains. “That’s a working mom’s life if you want to breastfeed.”

“We had to take pump breaks all day. Our female writers on the show don’t have children, so I pulled them aside. I don’t know what they used or didn’t use, but it’s a fun episode.”

Angela also discussed what it was like to return to The Office when Isabel Ruby (now 22-months) was only 8-weeks old.


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