Angelina and Jenny - It's Heating Up Again?


angelina_jolie_jenny_shimizu_01Get out your anti-Angelina wear, it’s rumor time.

Someone is reporting that Angelina and her ex, Jenny Shimizu, are back together.

Angelina is supposedly rekindling her relationship with Jenny because Brad is rekindling his relationship with Jennifer Aniston.

There source says, “Angelina and ex-lover Jenny Shimizu were having a kind of phone sex when Pitt walked in on the steamy conversation, and demanded to know who was on the telephone.”

Jenny believes that her and Angelina will always love each other, that Angie would love her forever, because they were too close.

Love, she is such a fickle beast. I’m sure we’ll hear all hear all about her “exploits” in the unauthorized biography that will be released soon.

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