Angelina & Brad Will NEVER Do This Together, Maybe



Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will never do this together again.  Yes, they have done it once, but have vowed that it was the first, last and only time… well, maybe.  What are they talking about?

The famous couple, who met and fell in love on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith, have previously said they will not work together again, but Pitt says there could be an exception.

Brad recently said, “It would be tricky for us to work together because so much baggage comes with it.”  Hmm, what does he mean by that?

He added, “We would have to be really precise on what that would be but we are certainly open to the idea.

“You’re always looking for something a little different to what you’ve done before.  I’m just looking for a new challenge.  I can’t define it much more than THAT.”

Seems slightly cryptic to me, or it’s the medication that I didn’t take.

Maybe they should do a Mr and Mrs Smith sequel?  They met and fell in love with the first one, so maybe during the second one, Angie would get pregnant?

But can you imagine if they were both working, and having to take six kids to the movie set?  Hectic!

They probably won’t for a while anyway.  They recently purchased a $35 million chateau which they are renovating.  Quite the family pad!