Angelina Busts Brad For Cheating -- On His French Homework


maddoxwtfareyouwearing1Brad Pitt is in hot water with Angie for pulling a classic grade school stunt in order to avoid listening to his Rosetta Stone lessons. Angelina and the kids can all speak French — and while Brad has supposedly been learning to converse with them in a new language, he’s really been jamming Radiohead tunes.

How juvenile (not that I wouldn’t do it). Right? According to the Enquirer, Brad is supposed to be using his time flying around the world to learn French with the Rosetta Stone system that Angie bough him last year.

On a recent long haul flight, however, Brad took off his headphones to stretch his legs and Angie picked up the phones to take a listen. That’s when she heard the unmistakable voice of Thom Yorke coming through the ear buds, not a French instructor. From the Enquirer’s source:

“When he got back to his seat, she didn’t let him know what she was up to. Instead, she hit Brad with a pop quiz, speaking to him in French and expecting him to reply… Brad sheepishly sat there in silence staring at her. He was stunned. He knew he’d been caught.

Angelina proceeded to scold him like an errant child and didn’t speak to him for the rest of the flight.”

Ouch. At least she didn’t do the whole, “how are the Rosetta Stone lessons going?” thing. She could have really got Brad squirming if she caught him in a bald faced lie. Ouch.

Says the source, “She said if he doesn’t do it on his own, she’s going to hire him a tutor.”