Angelina Gets Sexy B-Day Lingerie From Brad



So, what tokens of affection did Brad give to Angelina for her birthday in this supposedly troubled, bitter, and sexless time in their relationship? And, are these gifts clues to the real status of the family unity?

Reportedly, Brad gave Angie a combo-gift made up of two symbolic items:

“He presented her with a specially commissioned painting of their family, as well as lingerie from Angelina’s favorite store, Agent Provocateur.”

So, a family portrait and sexy lingerie… I’d say that those are a couple of pretty normal, healthy presents right there.

In my unexpert opinion, I think the family portrait is kind of symbolic, reminding them of their commitment to the 6 kids they share.  Then, there’s the lingerie, reminding them that… the whole world wants to get in Angelina’s pants? Or something like that.

Of course, the rest of the article from In Touch Weekly is about the couple’s spat that supposedly ruined Angie’s birthday, and the week of fallout since her birthday.  Still, I’m not quite biting on any of the breakup rumors just yet.