Angelina Visited Refugees In Somalia


angelina-jolie-visits-somali-refugeesAngelina Jolie and her brood are in France and we really haven’t seen very much of them. It seems that Angelina took a trip to the Kenyan/Somali border on a humanitarian mission.

She visited what she described as ‘one of the most dire’ camps she had ever visited.  She asked, ” if this is the better solution, what must it be like in Somalia?’

While visiting the camp, the children ran up to her to shake her hand. One of the little boys taught her a Somali handshake and then the rest of the kids wanted to shake her hand as well.

She was asked about her thoughts and she said, “the Somali families I met today are full of warmth and affection. I wish more people could meet them, then they would have a stronger desire to help.”

Can we expect a sizable donation from the Jolie-Pitt foundation to the area?

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