Angelina Jolie and Estranged Dad Jon Voight Patching Things Up


angelina_jolie_904548aWill Angelina Jolie and estranged dad Jon Voight patch things up? The father and daughter have had a rocky relationship since Angelina was a child. Jon has made many pleas to be her and her children’s lives but Angelina has been resistant to his requests.  But there’s hope for reconciliation. Angelina told The Sun that… “We’re in contact now and writing letters. My parents gave me a strong social conscience as well as any acting genes I may have. Both my parents were very focused on helping other people and supported charities all their lives.”

But she also talked about how she is striving to raise her children differently than she was raised saying,  “I don’t want them raised as children who have ‘movie star’ parents. I grew up around that myself and I want to make sure ours are removed from it.”

Good luck with that one Angie!