Angelina Jolie And Knox On The Balcony


Angelina Jolie gave us a rare glimpse of 1 and 1/2-year-old Knox today as she hung out on her balcony in Venice with both Knox and big sister Shiloh, enjoying her day off from filming The Tourist with Johnny Depp. Look at Knox’s eyes as they take in the sights and sounds of Venice.

Angie and Depp’s families reportedly got together for a playdate over the weekend, except Knox and twin sister Vivienne reportedly stayed home.

Brad and Angelina’s twins have been consistently kept out of the public eye consistently since their baby photos were sold to People in 2008, leading to an endless stream of rumors about their health. Thankfully, Knox looks perfectly healthy here.

You know what’s really weird, I can’t look at this picture of Angelina and Knox on the balcony without thinking of Michael Jackson’s famous ‘baby on the balcony’ incident. Notice how Angie holds Knox high and tight, like something very precious to her. Her baby holding technique is much better than the late great King of Pop’s was.


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