Angelina Jolie: Brad Pitt Is A "Wonderful Father"


Angelina Jolie can’t stop singing Brad Pitt’s praises. Shortly after the couple won a law suit against a British tabloid that reported the pair was splitting, Jolie is speaking out very positively about her beau’s fathering skills with their six kids.

While in Tokyo for the opening of her movie, Salt, she said that Pitt was “just a wonderful father,” throughout the filming process. Jolie noted that her actor-boyfriend regularly brought their kids to the set of Salt to visit mom and see her in action.

In fact, Jolie credits her partner for being able to raise six kids and still have such a successful career. “Brad is the word that makes it possible,” she said.

As for her hand in the parenting, one thing she is sure about: Her kids will not see every movie she is in. Jolie has a habit of starring in some pretty adult films, and she’s not interested in exposing her little ones to those. “I think it’s very hard for them to see someone trying to kill their mom, even if she wins,” she said.

Instead, she lets them see her for who she is: mom. “I play these roles, but I’m always in every minute their mom first.”


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