Angelina Jolie Goes Back To Black (Leather), Brad Pitt Keeps His Cane (Photos)

angelina jolie, brad pitt
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt attend the 77th Annual New York Film Critics Circle Awards Gala.

The former bad girl known as Angelina Jolie from 2002 is back from the past!

Jolie, who attended the 77th Annual New York Film Critics Circle Awards Gala with partner Brad Pitt on Monday (Jan. 9), was spotted wearing a full-on leather skirt. Back in the day (pre-Pitt), Jolie was always spotted sporting leather clothing and sometimes blood in a vial around her neck!

Could the former Angelina be back to stay?

And Angelina wasn’t the only one sporting an odd piece of clothing. Brad brought along his nifty cane once again!

Take a look at the photos below and let us know what you think about Brangelina’s fashionable choices!

  • Arrival 1 of 13
    Brad Pitt walked with a cane as he arrived at the 77th Annual New York Film Critics Circle Awards Gala with Angelina Jolie following his knee injury.
  • A Hero 2 of 13
    A Hero
    The "Inglorious Basterds" star, who could be seen holding hands with his beautiful partner Angelina Jolie, reportedly injured his knee protecting his daughter Vivienne from a fall whilst skiing with his family.
  • Blast From the Past 3 of 13
    Blast From the Past
    Angelina seems to be resorting to her old ways as she was spotted wearing a leather skirt.
  • Old Ways 4 of 13
    Old Ways
    Back in the day (pre-Brad Pitt), Angelina often had leather in her wardrobe.
  • Beyonce Vs. Angelina 5 of 13
    Beyonce Vs. Angelina
    Now that Beyonce has given birth, most of America is hoping to see Angelina pregnant once again.
  • Bump Watch 6 of 13
    Bump Watch
    Beyonce is the only celebrity since Angelina to garner as much publicity regarding her pregnancy.
  • Smug 7 of 13
    Angelina seems to have a serious look on her face. Where's her smile?
  • Dye Job 8 of 13
    Dye Job
    We're not really a fan of her brown hair. I think Angelina looks better with darker locks.
  • A Savior 9 of 13
    A Savior
    Brad looks like quite the hero with his cane. Knowing it was because he saved his daughter, is another benefit.
  • 2012 Predictions 10 of 13
    2012 Predictions
    We predict that Angelina will get pregnant in 2012!
  • Dressed To Impress 11 of 13
    Dressed To Impress
    The golden couple got all decked out for the Awards Gala.
  • Taking The Slack 12 of 13
    Taking The Slack
    Brad cracked a smile to make up for Angelina's seriousness.
  • A Smile? 13 of 13
    A Smile?
    Is that a crack of a smile? Nah.

[Photos via Pacific Coast News.]

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