Angelina Jolie Got New Tattoos! What Did She Get?


Angelina Jolie Tattoo

Angelina Jolie loves a tattoo. She has many on her multi-million dollar bod. Permanently in ink she’s collected a great big tiger, a black cross, a Buddhist incantation, the letter H, a couple inspiration phrases in various languages and of course the longitudes and latitudes of the location of all her kid’s births. And now she has two new tats, that were noticeable during her promotional work for her new film Salt… and no, they aren’t two new coordinates debuting two new kids. She got  “two new swirly bits of ink” that were placed around a large Roman numeral that is featured on her left arm.  Originally the tattoo was just of the number 13 Angelina reportedly loves this number (and even says she wants 13 kids). But to make the tattoo a bit more historically significant, Angie added V MCMXL which would make it read May 13, 1940 in honor of a speech by Winston Churchill where he stated, “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.”

There’s no word on why the swirls. Maybe Brad or one of the kids doodled on her arm and she wanted to make it permanent (like when Brad reportedly got a tattoo of one of Angie drawing on his back).  Or maybe it’s just her own sort of exclamation point using a Tibetan “heading” character a symbol that is used to illustrate the importance of a phrase. You can see a pic of her new work here.

What do you think of all of Angelina tattoos? Hot or not?

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