Angelina Jolie Joins Twitter: How Will She Use It?


Busy mom of six Angelina Jolie has finally joined the world of Twitter! So can fans expect to read concise updates on how her large brood is doing? Maybe paid Tweets endorsing various products and services? Intimate details of her daily life with Brad Pitt?  Well, no.

“Jolie had her people obtain the account for her so no one else could have that username,” a source told “There was actually someone else using @AngelinaJolie  but Angelina requested the account suspended and took it over.”

She’s locked her account; she has no followers and isn’t following anyone.  She’s the anti-Ashton Kutcher!

And Jolie has no immediate plans to use her account at all, but may look into it later this year. But don’t expect an inside view into her private life. “If she uses it, it will be for charity-related items or sharing links,” says the source.

Hey, I’m just glad she didn’t start a Twitter account for Shiloh or one of the other kids like Tori Spelling did for son Liam McDermott.


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