Angelina Jolie Looked Scary Skinny at SAG Awards

Is Angelina Jolie Getting Too Skinny?

Okay, we’ve all noticed that Angelina Jolie has been looking rather slim lately, but at the SAG Awards on Sunday she looked scary skinny.

Of course Angelina looked graceful and glamorous as she always does, but the Jenny Packham black dress very much accented how thin she has gotten…

Her all black draped gown had a halter top that showed off her incredibly thin arms which where you could see the bones of her shoulders. And her head to body ratio was off, giving her an unnatural look, a look that really said that her body weight should be more. There has been much written about her skinny ways with some saying that Brad is concerned about how it may affect the kids to word that she intentionally lost weight in honor of the starving children and families she meets while on her humanitarian trips.

Do you think Angelina has gotten too skinny?

Check out photos of Angelina right here.

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