Angelina Jolie Lost Her Mojo?



Angelina Jolie used to be at the top of her game.  What game is that, you ask?  Well, the business of sexiness of course!  Has Angie lost her mojo?

Probably not, if you were to ask her partner Brad Pitt (or her daddy, who thinks she’s a “sexy gal“), but Jolie, 34, has been knocked out of the Top 10 of FHM’s Sexiest Women In The World list.  She’s been in the top ten for the past five years, however, she ranked in 15th place this year.

Megan Fox took top spot for her second year in a row.

So, why did Angelina fall down the list?  Is it because she’s *gasp* now in her 30s?  Or maybe because she’s been popping babies (and adopting) out like nobody’s business?  Don’t guys like MILFS?

I’m sure Angie doesn’t particularly give a rat’s behind considering she’s got Brad Pitt on her arm, is mother to his six kids (and possibly a lot more), is rich, beautiful and can probably give Megan Fox a run for her money!

The only list Angie probably cares about is being “No. 1 Mom!”


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