Angelina Jolie Only Responds To Her Children Unless They Speak French


74576PCN_Jolie02I recently came across on article that suggested that celebrity mom Angelina Jolie was “mean” and “extreme” for only responding to her children unless they spoke French to her. Apparently, a source overheard the Hollywood actress give her children an impromptu language lesson during a recent shopping trip with some witnesses finding it somewhat bizarre. Here’s what went down:

Since setting up residence in France, Angelina is obsessed with making sure her brood speak en Français or else! In February, eyewitnesses spotted Angie giving Pax and Zahara a stern language lesson while shopping at an Urban Outfitters in LA.

“If they asked Angelina a question in English, she would just turn her back and walk away,” recalls the witness, “Only when they spoke in French would she respond. It was like she was training dogs or something it was a bit extreme.”

Extreme? Training dogs? Excuse me, but since when did teaching your children a second language become extreme? And why are we Americans so against it?

To be honest, I find Angelina’s French stance to be quite refreshing and incredibly positive. She’s teaching her children to speak a second language at an early enough age to where they have the potential to become fluent in it later in life. Making them little polyglots will not only open doors for them in the future, but will also give them a better understanding of different cultures and make traveling incredibly easier. There’s no better way to teach children a language unless you implement it on a daily basis, which is what Angelina is trying to do.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard of a celebrity mom getting some shade for trying to make their children bilingual. A few months ago Gwyneth Paltrow also mentioned that she only buys cartoons for her children in either French of Spanish with a lot of blog commentators calling her evil and snobby for doing so. Seriously, what is wrong with us? Why are we so ignorant when it comes to learning different tongues or so judgmental towards people who try to do so?

I say kudos to both Angelina and Gwyneth for doing what’s right for their children and giving them an advantage early on in life. The best thing we can do is educate our children are much as possible, right?

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