Angelina Jolie & Shiloh Shop At The Gap! What Did They Buy?


angie-shilohContrary to popular belief, it turns out Angelina Jolie and daughter Shiloh are mere mortals. That I know of, honest to goodness goddesses don’t shop at the Gap. is reporting that the mother daughter duo along with a bodyguard – hit The Gap in Santa Monica, CA.. They went to go check out the new Stella McCartney exclusive kids line done for the mass market clothier that came out this week.

Angie and her little tomboy somehow alluded the paparazzi on their visit. A witness at The Gap told

“Angelia was unrecognizable at first because she’s so, so skinny. She purchased two complete outfits right off the mannequins, head to toe, the shoes and everything. Then she bought a couple Junk Food t-shirts, one was a Superman emblem and a bunch of Gap watches for all the kids. She probably spent close to $500. Angelina was super friendly and sweet and even signed autographs for two customers waiting in line.”

It’s nice to know that those stars can sometimes be kinda like us.

Here are some highlights from the Toddler Girl collection…I could totally see Zahara and/or Shiloh sportin’ these.