Angelina Jolie Shows Off Post Twin Body In Salt (PHOTOS)


Angelina Jolie in SaltMany women struggle with attempting to regain any semblance of their pre baby bodies, especially after carrying a heavy load like twins. How about Angelina Jolie?

Yeah, she got it back and quick. In clips from her upcoming film Salt, Angelina showed off her flat abs in a lingerie scene that was shot just six months after she had her twins. Since her head isn’t in the shot, there has been accusations that she used a body double. But her tattoos are visible marking her as Angelina (but hey, the make up room could whip up some fake tats pretty quick).

angelina Jolie tummy post baby
In Salt, Angelina plays a CIA agent names Evelyn Salt who is on the run after she’s accused of being a Russian spy. The film was initially supposed to star Tom Cruise as agent Edwin Salt, but the role was rewritten as a female lead with Jolie replacing Cruise. Check out the trailer below.