Angelina Jolie Takes Down Oprah!



Oprah Winfrey, you’ve been served: Angelina Jolie has just taken your spot as the most powerful celebrity in the world, ranking number one on Forbes’ Celebrity 100 list.  I say the only thing left to do is for both of you to strip down and wrestle it out in a vat of hot oil.  Just think of the ratings!

Apparently Jolie’s ascension to the top spot came via her blockbuster movies Kung Fu Panda and Wanted, her very public relationship with Brad Pitt and the media frenzy surrounding the birth of her twins.  They don’t mention Octomom’s obsession with the actress, but I’m sure that had to figure in there somewhere.

Oprah dropped to the number two spot despite having made $275 million last year (Jolie made a paltry $27 million.)  I’ll bet she’s just kicking herself for not giving birth to twins in the last 12 months. Oh well Oprah – there’s always next year.